Just a couple thoughts this week.

First, I heard this quote from James Finley that has been haunting me, in a good way…I think. I don’t know. I’m still chewing on it.

“I have come to understand God as a Presence that protects us from nothing even as we are unexplainably sustained in all things.”

Second, I had lunch with a dear friend the other day. A holy, humble, sincere man of God. His steady, solid commitment is truthful, beautiful, and something I deeply admire and aspire to emulate. He told me that he rises each day at an obscenely early hour to pray for at least 45 minutes each morning (3:40AM. Come on now). This daily practice, he says, sustains him. I asked him to share with me precisely what he prays. Below is a little summary of what he answered that I hope and intend to become my daily Lenten Prayer from now until Easter (Lord, may I be faithful to this practice). But, let’s be clear. I’m not getting up at 3:40AM to pray it. Not even God desires my company at that hour.

God of love, 

help me with my prayer. 

Open me to your grace, 

your self-communication. 

Grow my sensitivity and reverence for your presence. 

Bless the people in my life, those I love, and those I struggle to love.

Bless all people, every living creature, all over the world,

especially those who are suffering. 

Get me where you want me to be and help me to fully surrender

and trust that where I land is exactly your plan. 

Hear the prayer of my heart,

the low, intimate whispers of my deepest longings, apprehensions, and dreams.

Help me to listen. 

Bring me into cooperation with you. 

Teach me about yourself. 

Draw me nearer. Nourish me. 

Fill me with your peace that returns me to steady hope in your ways. 

Help me to love, as you love, with lavish abandon. 

Order my will with proper intention so that all I am and do is in union with You.


Photo credit: http://www.davebudnick.com

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