Having launched our holiday season with the celebration of our Thanksgiving meal this yesterday, we remember too our sacred act of “breaking bread” that we share at our Eucharistic table each week. The word Eucharist in Ancient Greek means the ACTION of giving thanks to God. So, our Eucharist is not only a noun, but... Continue Reading →


When we hear the word "God," something goes on in our minds. Now, however wonderful, however deep, rich, powerful, consoling, however philosophically and metaphysically precise, however scripturally sound, and orthodox, whatever that idea of God that is in our mind - is NOT God - and THIS is really the most important thing to know... Continue Reading →


I'm writing this article the day before election day (Monday, Nov. 7th) but it will run in our bulletin on the weekend following. So, I believe I can safely assume some of you (maybe even MY post-election self) are reading this article at this moment and are still “having some feels” as my daughters would... Continue Reading →


ALICE is active shooter response training and an acronym that stands for ALERT, LOCKDOWN, INFORM, COUNTER, EVACUATE. ALICE training and drills are now done routinely, not unlike fire drills, at all our public schools nationwide. Last week my kids had one such drill. Our district has had 3 lockdowns since school began this year. At... Continue Reading →

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