Hi. Welcome. I’m Lisa. Thanks for being here.

Seriously WordPress? “Who am I?” Yikes. That is quite a question. This section is tough.

Professionally, I’ve served as a pastoral minister for just over 30 years; the first 5 years as the office manager and RCIA coordinator of a struggling city parish in the Rogers Park area of Chicago, the next 17 years in the mission territory of a State University in an affluent Detroit suburb and the last 8 years as the Director of Religious Education at a parish of 1900+ families leading a team of phenomenal woman in building three Montessori-style “atria” and establishing the exceptionally beautiful, contemplative and effective method of faith formation and sacramental preparation for our Pre-K through 8th grade kiddos called “The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS).”

Obviously, as you can see, I aspire to be a writer. I am aiming to get published in some form this year and welcome speaking gigs on pretty much any topic you read about on this site. I am Jesuit-trained, received my MA in Theology from Loyola University of Chicago, hold a two-year certificate in Ignatian Spirituality, and am a Level-III trained CGS catechist moving towards becoming a national formation leader. I pray every day that Pope Francis will live forever, I believe Fr. Greg Boyle S.J. is a walking saint and oh, and if you haven’t already gathered, I am a big fan of Jesus Christ.

Personally, I am gratefully the spouse of my awesome hubby, Kip, the mother of three smart, spirited daughters (Lord, have mercy). I am a daughter, sister, family member, friend, yoga novice, owner of lots of “Jesus books” (as my children say), recipient of life-changing counseling/spiritual direction from my mentor and friend Nancy Sparrow and I try to be a faithful follower of Jesus.

Though I wobble often in all of these roles, I heartily believe and trust (on my better days) that God is at work in all of it – all that I deem and label as good/bad, success/failure, strength/weakness. I’m intentionally trying to do less and less of this type of dualistic thinking and judging – after all, God’s ways are not our ways. I continue to move slowly from not only finding God in the stars, oceans, forests, and babies, but also in the mess, failures, conflict, pain, and death that are also part of our sometimes difficult, sometimes joyful life “on the vine” so to speak.

I want and seek what deepens God’s life in me, ala St. Ignatius, though I pray for this deepening with some trepidation – and some days even with a shaking fist at the heavens. If you read my very first entry, you may better understand this odd stance in which I find myself these days. I sincerely desire to grow more and more trusting and contemplative in spirit. I believe our God is one of love, mercy, and deep mystery – a mystery that we are somehow a small but significant part of. This belief is what gets me out of bed in the morning and (again, on my better days) brings me great joy.

I am sincerely grateful and humbled that you have chosen to spend some time with my work here. I hope in some way that it is helpful to you. AMDG.

For those who value a resume, here is a printable PDF and/or feel free to visit my profile on LinkedIn.

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