None of us can come to God on our own; all by ourselves. Jesus repeatedly stresses the deep significance of community and the importance of effective conflict resolution for all those who wish to follow him and understand what he so passionately wishes to share with us about God and the nature of God’s kingdom.... Continue Reading →


I often get asked "Are Catholics required to vote a certain way?" and the answer is "Yes and No." The Catholic Church does not endorse any candidate or party. Period. No matter what you have read or heard, there is NO mandate on which candidate(s) Catholics must vote for. Hard stop. However, we ARE asked... Continue Reading →


To view a video reflection on The Parable of the Dishonest Steward, click HERE (the video is different than the text below. Text is longer). Most scholars agree that the parables are the most authentic and original words of Jesus found in our sacred scriptures. Parables not only brilliantly elucidate WHAT Jesus taught, but also... Continue Reading →


A catechist is the "Keeper of the Memory of God," a witness of the source of our hope, and an educator who accompanies those desiring to know more about our loving God and the most essential mysteries of our faith and tradition. The word "catechesis" is derived from the Greek word meaning "to echo." In... Continue Reading →

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