My sister once gave me a Christmas card that read “Tis the season, full of good friends, cozy fires, delicious treats, heartburn, bankruptcy, and bursts of extreme anger. Let’s get through this together.” This weekend we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family. Most of us think of Mary, Jesus and Joseph when we think... Continue Reading →


If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me “I pray just fine at home. Why do I have to come to Church?” Well, I’d have a lot of nickels. In truth, we don’t “have” to come to church. The weird draw of our old-timey language about our “Sunday obligation” coupled with threats... Continue Reading →


Most of us are now in full swing holiday-mode, busy with our preparations for Christmas; buying gifts, planning menus for our family parties, decorating our homes, gingerly dusting off our nativity set to place under our tree. This is also the time of year we usually see more guests and fresh faces among us at... Continue Reading →


Evangelization is a bit of a spooky word for us Catholics. It's not a notion that we embrace quite as comfortably as our Protestant brothers and sisters do. Personally, when I hear the word, the first images that come to mind are that of a sweaty, screaming tele-evangelist that swindles old people out of their... Continue Reading →


These few weeks before Christmas have a unique flavor for most of us. They are unlike any other weeks of the year in many ways. For some it is a time for “making merry” marked by frequent gatherings with family and friends, listening to cheerful songs, eating rich foods, and exchanging gifts. For others it... Continue Reading →

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