The traditional definition of a Sacrament is "an external sign of God's internal presence and acting" or "an outward and visible sign of an inward and invisible grace" (St. Augustine). We hold a strong conviction that God wishes to communicate with us, every minute of every day. That is why many theologians speak of grace as... Continue Reading →


Whenever people look for guidance laws are sure to follow. We start with general responsibilities like the Ten Commandments and then these general norms give birth to thousands of detailed behaviors. Regulations start to multiply on everything how to pray, how to bless food, what ritual to employ when visiting the sick, and so on.... Continue Reading →


Haven’t been to church in a while? You are not alone. It continues to be a slow roll back to the pews with wise ebbs and flows in this "kinda-post-covid" time. Who knows what this will all end up looking like, but regardless of where you are praying these days, thank you for staying connected... Continue Reading →


In our Christian scriptures (aka The New Testament), the Greek word "kerygma" (pronounced kuh·rig·muh) means the public dissemination of a truth received from God. It is a proclamation – a message – a sharing and revelation of God among us. The epoch of our Christian kerygma, the high point of this message and revelation of... Continue Reading →

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