I have three daughters, now ages 20, 17 & 12. Before my eldest graduated from High School back in 2020, I would visit with up to 14 teachers during conferences. I remember at one such week of back to back teacher conferences, several of their teachers said, in almost identical language, that my girls are... Continue Reading →


A few years ago, my best friend in the whole world got engaged and started planning her wedding. Although she and many of her family members had moved away from Michigan, she still considered this area her home. And St. John Fisher, where I used to work and where our now 20-year friendship began, she... Continue Reading →


https://youtu.be/MIPfHSlF6AI Video/Audio of text... We know this story. (Luke 10:25-37) It’s about two religious leaders who, in the name of the law, see someone in unimaginable suffering, but decide to steer clear and cross the street instead of attending to the person’s extraordinary need.  We know the context.  The Jewish people detested the Samaritans and vise-versa,... Continue Reading →


I, like virtually every Catholic female I know, have some pretty strong feelings about being a woman in the church. For me, some are good. Very good. I am grateful to have worked for visionary and forward-thinking priests in all my 27 years of formal employment in the church; men who value, listen, and actively... Continue Reading →

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