I don’t know about you, but I just cringe when in the face of grave human tragedy and suffering I hear someone say “This was God’s will” or “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.” Really? Because it sure seems that some people get a crushing helping of grief on occasion. So many... Continue Reading →


No Advent would be complete without a nod to the gruff and unpleasantly challenging prophet John the Baptist. This “in-your-face” “call em’ as you see em’” prophet dressed in a ragged camel hair, smelling of bug breath and the poverty of desert discipleship isn’t exactly the cozy Christmas character we might expect at this time... Continue Reading →


This week let's consider and ponder the parable of The Mustard seed (Matthew 13:31–32) In order to understand this scripture, it’s important to put it in its first century context and ask ourselves "How would the first hearers of this comparison understood it?" https://soundcloud.com/user-165947833-151164563/small?si=24f7deff9d6c49f782b3d66e3c9bba8c Well, for the Israelites (the Jewish people) of Jesus’ time, there... Continue Reading →

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