In the Gospel of Matthew 25:31-46 Jesus gives us the definitive criteria that will be used to “separate the sheep from the goats” - a metaphor used to identify those who will be able to receive all that God wishes to give to us and those who will not. In this parable, the King does... Continue Reading →


One of our traditions most treasured mystics once said, "It is a lie - any talk of God that does not comfort you.” The way we conceive of our God; as hostile or loving, “on our team” or “the giant task master in the sky”, judge or defender, etc. effects our whole life. In a... Continue Reading →


So, how is everybody doing with those New Year’s Resolutions? If you are rocking it with great strength and determination, more power to you! However, if you are anything like me, I’m already feeling a bit deflated. As my therapist might ask “What would you say to your best friend if they were feeling as... Continue Reading →


On Christmas day a close relative of mine was talking about her son. In the midst of our small talk she very nonchalantly stated, “well, you know, my son doesn’t believe in Jesus…” Now, I knew that she and her family had drifted from organized religion for a variety of reasons, some that we, as... Continue Reading →

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