“Not all criticism is blind negativity. People who love something have also earned the right to make it better and keep it true to its deepest vision. We hope and vision when we own the problem…accept the light as well as the darkness. When we can use the language “us” and not “them” then we... Continue Reading →


We believe that human beings are a fundamentally good creation and sin is anything that keeps us from communion with God, others and our true selves; anything that distances us from God's mercy or causes alienation. Our understanding of Sin, Grace, Redemption, is called Soteriology and is a rich field of study that is never... Continue Reading →


In the Gospel of Mark 9:30-37 Jesus speaks to his disciples and predicts his death - and the disciples are baffled and become afraid. Jesus can’t die! Why is Jesus spouting all this crazy talk? Then right after this, it says that the disciples started to argue about who was the greatest among them.  Now, I... Continue Reading →


There are countless reasons why it is important for us to understand and appreciate the great wisdom and beauty of Jewish history and tradition. For one, Jesus was Jewish as were all his first disciples; all were steeped in the Old Testament texts and the ancient customs therein, so it’s darn near impossible to understand... Continue Reading →

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