Let's consider the parable of The Sower found in the Gospel of Matthew 13:2-9. Many of us believe that Jesus is inviting us to think about how ready we are to receive God’s word in this parable. To judge what kind of soil we are and to straighten up and fly right so to speak... Continue Reading →


The parables of Jesus are little “stories with a mystery.” There is no “right” or “wrong” way to understand them - we are simply invited to ponder and tease them out a bit. For me, one of the more baffling parables is that of the Dishonest Steward or Manager found in Luke 16:1-13. The... Continue Reading →


If you would rather listen than read, just below is an audio recording, or a video is a little further below: Audio, if you prefer to listen Our Gospel reading from this past weekend (Mark 10:2-16) says that Jesus was “indignant.” I always thought that one became indignant when insulted, like when someone wounds... Continue Reading →


“Tradition is to the community what memory is to the individual" - John O'Donohue Let’s cut to the chase – it’s been a rough few years for us Catholics. Well, maybe we should say a rough 17 or 70 years given the sexual abuse crisis? Or a rough 1000 years since the Crusades? Well, dang,... Continue Reading →

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