Imagine that today you are one of Jesus’ followers in the first century. You traveled a long way and arrived with several other followers to Jerusalem a few days ago. It is Passover, so the streets are jam packed with over 2 million pilgrims in a city that normally holds only 20,000 (according to the... Continue Reading →


So. How are all those “New Year’s Resolution” style Lenten disciplines going? Have we failed to follow the diet, stick with the exercise regimen, and begun yelling at the kids again? If you, like me, are mourning how hard and fast your perseverance fizzled and are eating a great big piece of humble pie this... Continue Reading →


Many of us bemoan the great number of our family members and friends who don't attend church anymore. Seems none of our nieces and nephews have been baptized, our grandchildren are not being raised in a church community, and its almost impossible to find a sponsor for our teens preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation... Continue Reading →


Just a couple thoughts this week. First, I heard this quote from James Finley that has been haunting me, in a good way...I think. I don't know. I'm still chewing on it. "I have come to understand God as a Presence that protects us from nothing even as we are unexplainably sustained in all things."... Continue Reading →

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