Often I think we have this image of Jesus in our mind as this peaceful, gentle, pious and soft-spoken person. I’m sure at times, probably most times, Jesus was a very tender person, just like each of us. But without a doubt, Jesus was also a bit of a trouble-maker, a rabble rouser, a rebel. In... Continue Reading →


As World War II was drawing to a close, allied forces gathered up all the hungry orphans they could find and gave them a safe place to be. Each child was given a comfortable bed, clean clothes and plenty to eat…they were well cared for, some for the first time in their young lives. But,... Continue Reading →


Fr. Ron Rolheiser says at the center of our lives there is an natural tension. On the one hand, “something in us wants to be different, wants to stand out; from the minute we’re born, we ache for our independence and uniqueness to be recognized. We don’t want to be the same as everyone else.... Continue Reading →

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