Has a more beautiful dream ever been put into words then when Isaiah writes “Can a mother forget her infant? Be without tenderness for the child of her womb?  Even should she forget…God will never forget you.”  God will never forget YOU. If we were to boil down and distill all that Jesus taught and lived... Continue Reading →


In Jesus, in his dying and his rising, God is telling us that death is not the end…death does not have the final word… The Gospels assure us that, like Jesus’ birth, the resurrection was physical. Jesus’ tomb was empty, people could touch him, he ate food, he was not a ghost. The full nature... Continue Reading →


I’m a child of the 1970's and a big thrift shopper. On one trip I discovered one of those big aqua blue picture bibles they used to have in doctor’s offices at a local resale shop. Some of you might remember them.  They had very colorful and intricate illustrations and so for nostalgia, since I... Continue Reading →


A metaphor is a powerful image - a powerful figure of speech.  It is more than just saying one thing is another thing.  Sallie McFague, in her book Models of God, has this to say about a metaphor, "What a metaphor expresses cannot be said directly apart from it.  It is an attempt to say something... Continue Reading →


Many times in our scriptures Jesus seems to be pairing God’s forgiveness of us with our forgiveness of others. He says "The measure with which you measure will be measured back to you…” "Do not judge others, and God will not judge you"…Even in the Our Father, that we pray together each week, we ask... Continue Reading →

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